Veterinary Technician

“I have always been Interested in animals since I was little. Constantly bringing home strays off the road or mending broken wings. So, when I entered high school I was over joyed to be able to be a part of the FFA Organization. I was able to expand my animal knowledge from house pets to farm animals to natural wildlife. I was introduced to the Vet Tech career then, and have never stopped growing. I started as a kennel attendant at a small clinic in Phoenix in 2012. My main interest is in animal behavior and training. ve lived in AZ since I was 2 and love this hot desert. I met my fiance, Doug in 2016, and had our first child Ryland in August 2017.

I ha My fur baby is Trixie,(pictured) a 5 year old shar-pei mix that I saved when she was only four weeks old. In the future I hope to be able to help families modify their pet’s behavlor in order to make them better family members.”